Carleen McCarthy
Senior Agent

First role: “As a wise man in the nativity. Apparently I was a little bit unhappy about not being cast as the lead… several audience members claim I tried to sabotage Mary mid show, but I’m maintaining my innocence.”

Favourite Actor:Leo!!”

Best thing about your job: “Helping people achieve their dreams.”

As the senior agent and agency manager, Carleen oversees all divisions at Alphabet. She originally trained in acting and has worked as an actress here in the UK and also in the US. She worked in casting before moving to talent management and has had the privilege of working with some of the best names in the industry. She joined Alphabet in 2015 as an agent’s assistant and hasn’t looked back since!

Matthew Nolan
Agent’s Assistant

First role: “Not to rub it in Carleen’s face but I played Mary in the Nativity! Sorry xo”

Favourite Actor: “I have too many! But some of my favs are Andrew Scott, Jonathan Bailey, Timothée Chalamet and Gillian Anderson”

Best thing about your job: “As an actor in this job it’s great to see both sides of this industry! Also I love watching self-tapes so the TALENT is the best part!”

Matthew trained at Technological University Dublin and has been working as an actor since 2021. Matthew is one of the wonderful part time assistants at the agency so he can continue to pursue his acting dream!

Maisy Bextor
Agent’s Assistant

First role: “Also a wise man in the Nativity, however, I didn’t respond too well to being sat with a tea towel on my head for that long so cannot say I had rave reviews.”

Favourite Actor: “This changes all the time, but currently having a revival for Jodie Foster. She’s cooler than I will ever be.”

Best thing about your job: “I really enjoy that no day is the same, and it’s another part of the industry that I get to learn about!”

Maisy comes from a production background and decided to make the move to talent management this year. Maisy attended both the University of Exeter and Edinburgh and is excited for this new chapter!